Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Rhutabaga

In my opinion Brussels Sprouts & Rutabagas are the perfect marriage when roasting for a side dish with dinner.  Tonight we are eating ours with grilled chicken breast on the 2 burner cast iron grill pan that I got my hubby for Christmas.

2lb Brussels Sprouts - Cut in Half
1lb Rutabaga - Diced
1 Bunch Green Onions - Diced
3 Cloves of Garlic - Minced
2T Coconut Oil - Melted (Most of the time I use 1-2T Bacon Lard instead but we are out - NO FEAR we just got a new batch of bacon from the farm tonight - Replenishing soon enough! =D )
1T Italian Seasonings
Sea Salt & Black Pepper to Taste


  • Heat oven to 425F
  • Toss all ingredients into large mixing bowl
  • Pour melted coconut oil into mixing bowl & stir until everything is coated evenly
  • Put ingredients onto baking dish and spread out evenly 
  • Bake in Oven for 40-50 min checking every 10-15 min to mix and ensure no burning

  • Enjoy!


  1. chrissy - crazy - i made brussels sprouts last night, except i cooked them with a slice of bacon and then braised them with a little chix stock and basalmic vinegar. Had them with roasted chicken! and i made chili earlier this week. we must be on the same food wavelength....

  2. That sounds delicious too!! funny totally on the same wavelength! Happy New Year!